2024 Thousand Oaks Otters Registration - USA Swimming Registration Process


Similar to last year, the 2024 Registration will consist of Registering with the Otters Swim Team and Registering with USA Swimming. In an effort to reduce potential errors please ensure you have completed your Otters Registration before following the three steps to Register with USA swimming.


All Summer Only Parents need to setup and account with USA swimming. If you already have a USA swimming account from last year’s Otters registration process or through another team you will skip step 1.

Note: Parents do not register yourselves!! Only setup your Account. You should not pay anything as part of Step1!

Year-round swimmer parents you should have already completed this step during your swimmers year round club registration. Skip to Step 3.

The USA Swim link below explains the process step by step.

If you have any questions or issues, please email me [email protected]. In addition, click HERE for instructions to create a parent account in USA Swim. I will also be at Otters Day with Computers to help anyone that needs it.

You should now have a USA swimming parent account!!

Step 2:

Note: if the member you are attempting to Register is currently affiliated with a year-round club, Skip this step 2 and proceed to step 3 where you will send a copy of your Athletes USA Swimming Member Card showing that they are in Good Standing with their Year Round Club Team.

For Summer Only Swimmers proceed with Step2.

It is Recommended by USA Swimming to do this on a PC and or MAC and not via the USA swimming Application on your Phone.

To Complete step 2, the process of registering your Athlete with USA Swimming and Affiliating your Summer Only Swimmer with the Thousand Oaks Otters you will now need to log into your USA Swimming Parent account and then click the enclosed Team link below. Then follow the directions in the file attached to this email.

Click this link: USA Swimming Club Link for the 2024 Thousand Oaks Otters

Follow this process: USA Swimming Registration Step2 Process for Parents of Summer Only Swimmers.pdf attached to this email.


(Final Step) for Year Round Swimmers and when you finish step 2 for the Member(s) you registered: Return to your parent Member Dashboard, Click on each of your Members and their Member Cards.

Take a screen capture of each of your childrens Member Card, and return to [email protected] by replying to this email and attaching (pasting) each member card screen capture along with your Child's (First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name and Birthdate mm/dd/yyyy).

Enclosed is an example of a screen capture of my member Card.

You have Now Completed your Swimmers 2024 Registration. See you this summer!

Let’s Go Otters!

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